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Smartplus Software

Manage any trade like commission agents, Pesticides / Fertilizer Dealer, Electronics and Mobile Dealers, FMCG etc.

Smartplus Software is a comprehensive global trade management solution that offers trade compliance information and trade facilitation tools, allowing global trade professionals confidence and efficiency in compliance. Built with world-class technology and backed by leading industry experts, Eweb Next™ simplifies the entire global trade management process by automating routine tasks and opening up the opportunity for professionals to focus on value-added activities.

Your organization can achieve a new level of accuracy, compliance and efficiency that saves you time and costs with the first truly global solution of this kind.


Benefits of our global trade compliance software:

Improves performance by configuring workflows to speed up goods clearance, sharing tools to connect as fast as possible with brokers, and by integrating internal systems, such as with your ERP.

Increases margins by reducing logistics costs; better calculating tax and tariff liabilities; and enabling trade officers with the right research on new trade schemes, be it a new duty rate exemption, FTZ incentive, or regulatory requirement; and by providing highly intelligent classification and valuation engines.

Better manages trade compliance and risk in streamlining internal reporting information requirements with statutory requirements across sites and countries; and by providing quick and accurate access to information to ensure visibility and predictability of operations for the entire operation.
Free your teams to enact new trade programs with our dynamic global trade compliance software.

Users stay connected with all stakeholders throughout the process while managing several foreign trade modules
Easily integrates with leading ERPs, including certified links with Oracle, SAP and others
Our Certified Implementer Program partners help you to enable the full operation of all import and export processes
Accesses data from all business units in a single global instance
End-to-end visibility and integrations among customers using our solutions in different countries
Removes complications in implementing cost-saving special programs and free trade agreements