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Library Plus Software

Library Management System for Schools and Colleges to manage their books records, Library Card, Automatic fine calculation with audit reports.

The behavior implemented by a library can be connected to the invoking program at different program lifecycle phases. If the code of the library is accessed during the build of the invoking program, then the library is called a static library. An alternative is to build the executable of the invoking program and distribute that, independently from the library implementation. The library behavior is connected after the executable has been invoked to be executed, either as part of the process of starting the execution, or in the middle of execution. In this case the library is called a dynamic library. A dynamic library can be loaded and linked as part of preparing a program for execution, by the linker. Alternatively, in the middle of execution, an application may explicitly request that a module be loaded.


Functions at a glance

  1. Manages digitized contents and e-contents,
  2. Provides search and access to digitized projects, such as thesis, research paper, publications etc.
  3. Can host and manage e-contents on Internet along with online payment facility. The e-contents files could be in various formats like word, text, HTML, PDF etc
  4. Can be implemented on LAN / Intranet,
  5. Users can submit their thesis, Research Papers, Projects online.
  6. The user can save an article to his or her e-library and can also email the articles to others.
  7. PDF files can be downloaded. Search facility includes Basic &
  8. Advanced. Basic includes 3 parameters and Advanced have 12 parameters.
  9. Users can search on the entire database of the software,
  10. Searches can be performed on 16 different search fields based on time frame, subject, departments, publication type, and publication dates.


Exclusive Features:

  1. Easy management of e-content, Online article submission / management is possible
  2. Listing of articles with respective departments is possible
  3. Storage of contents under structured format can be done, no limit as per database storage capacity is concerned
  4. Creation of keywords for each article
  5. Indexing and subject classification can be done in accordance with department
  6. Multiple input parameters are accepted
  7. Keywords from each department is accepted
  8. Search features – basic, advanced, expert.
  9. Expert search is performed with subject search along with more refine search with more keywords–publication date, Author detail, department name, resource type etc along with basic parameters.
  10. This software solution can be implemented on
  11. LAN/Intranet/Internet.


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