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E-Brochure : Looking for an innovative way to highlight your products or services? An E-Brochure may be just what you need.

E-Brochures provide an easy to use interface, while offering all the capabilities of a standard website. With Eweb Next™ E-Brochure design service, your customers will enjoy a realistic page turning effect. E-Brochures are cost effective and can be distributed quickly and easily to your clients around the world via email or on your website.

Why not design an e-brochure instead of a print one at an affordable price? Or convert your existing print brochure into an updated and eco-friendly electronic version? The Online 

Following are the list of uses for an E-Brochure:
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Save money with E-Brochures!
Why use E-Brochures? You can eliminate the high cost of printing and sending out color brochures. E-Brochures can be downloaded from your website, sent via email or on a CD Rom. Set yourself apart from the competition by using this innovative way of presenting information.

Advantages of e-Brochures :
Photo AlbumAffordable compared to a normal brochure which turns out to be very expensive due to high cost of printing.
Digital Catalog in Gurgaon, Delhi NCREasy to duplicate and distribute.
ecatalogAn E-Brochure is very easy to modify and update.
IndiaEasy and convinient to distribute, either on a CD or send a link by e-mail.

An E-Brochure can be distributed on a CD as an .exe file (CD Presentation) or can be displayed on your website as an .html page.