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Dry Cleaner Software

To make your dry cleaning business profitable, you must be good at what you do. But using the right software at the point of sale is also a critical component to success, and the type of technology you choose can make all the difference. Some things to consider before making your POS purchase: * Is it installed on a computer in your location, or in the cloud (offsite and is accessed through the Internet)

* Amount of training needed and ease of use * Number of employees, capacity of the system

* Size of the business, number of stations * Ability to expand with the business

* Technical support availability * Cost


Easy Clean - Dry Cleaning System
The “Easy Clean” Custom Dry Cleaning Software System is a cutting-edge, complete software application for the running of a dry cleaning business operation. The software is built as a Microsoft Office Add-In and allows you to easily run and operate all aspects of your Dry Cleaning business.

Features Include:

  1. Internal Database for customer information. * Clothing Drop-Offs
  2. Clothing Deliveries / Outsourcing * Clothing Pick-ups
  3. Internal Financial Module for tracking of sales and metrics * Point of Sale / Cash Register
  4. Generation of Mailers, Coupons and Discounts * Integration with MS Outlook for Calendar entries
  5. Auto-Upload of data to Cloud storage * Push receipts and other data to mobile devices
  6. Built-In search Engine